Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Father has a Sandwich

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Rhajah and Neeshah Anticipated to Entertain at Foundation Anniversary

I don't care how elevated your sensibilities have become, these guys will find your inner child and make it gasp in wonder at their karmic building hilarity. Don't be put off by their reputation as 'old school' sophists. They have a brand new turban full of tricks to make us all marvel. Do not miss this rare opportunity to see the living legends Aug 15 2008, Lux theater, downtown.

Registration for Distortion for Understanding begins Aug 21

The Foundation is proud to once again sponsor the immersion course through the Adult Learning Center, Distortion for Understanding. We'll skew your reality just right. You will no longer feel stifled by doubts and feel trapped in a humdrum existence after the 3 and 1/2 month course taught by Swami Ghirruguff and this year a special introduction to the lighter side of distorted consciousness when the course ends with a special North American appearance by Sufi comics Rhajah and Neeshah.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Western values have corrupted generations of women

This tool of Western imperialism and oppression is not a male but a woman. She is proudly holding up the severed head of a poor French Rapscallion as though she had done something to be proud of by removing it from its rightful place on his own shoulders.

She most likely used the long thread of his ribboned braid to make her task simpler since she had no sense of fair play. Women who try to emulate the wrong deeds of men are not following the true feminine spirit of the goddess, who wants to be a mothering, kind and peace loving being, only.

Biased images need to be eliminated

Images from the past that depict hate and abuse in the manner of the above "children's illustration" appear everywhere in our world. This image is offensive to us at the Foundation because not only is it insulting to homosexuals and crossdressers, but the crocodile is belittled and made to appear foolish as well. When you see something like this please do not just ignore it and think it is ok, just something stupid from another time. Try to have it banished. It is wrong to see the past if it is a past of intolerance and abuse.

Sky Gods are tactless boobs who nobody needs

Humans have found themselves victimized by the infantile presence of sky gods for far too long. The contempt that we at the Foundation have for these jokers is well deserved and a long time in the making. What is the use of a God who only cares about seeing an individual trying to inconspicuously relieve himself as is depicted here?

We at the Foundation only approve of gods without features or personalities since we have determined that personalities suck.