Saturday, July 26, 2008

Rhajah and Neeshah Anticipated to Entertain at Foundation Anniversary

I don't care how elevated your sensibilities have become, these guys will find your inner child and make it gasp in wonder at their karmic building hilarity. Don't be put off by their reputation as 'old school' sophists. They have a brand new turban full of tricks to make us all marvel. Do not miss this rare opportunity to see the living legends Aug 15 2008, Lux theater, downtown.

Registration for Distortion for Understanding begins Aug 21

The Foundation is proud to once again sponsor the immersion course through the Adult Learning Center, Distortion for Understanding. We'll skew your reality just right. You will no longer feel stifled by doubts and feel trapped in a humdrum existence after the 3 and 1/2 month course taught by Swami Ghirruguff and this year a special introduction to the lighter side of distorted consciousness when the course ends with a special North American appearance by Sufi comics Rhajah and Neeshah.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Western values have corrupted generations of women

This tool of Western imperialism and oppression is not a male but a woman. She is proudly holding up the severed head of a poor French Rapscallion as though she had done something to be proud of by removing it from its rightful place on his own shoulders.

She most likely used the long thread of his ribboned braid to make her task simpler since she had no sense of fair play. Women who try to emulate the wrong deeds of men are not following the true feminine spirit of the goddess, who wants to be a mothering, kind and peace loving being, only.

Biased images need to be eliminated

Images from the past that depict hate and abuse in the manner of the above "children's illustration" appear everywhere in our world. This image is offensive to us at the Foundation because not only is it insulting to homosexuals and crossdressers, but the crocodile is belittled and made to appear foolish as well. When you see something like this please do not just ignore it and think it is ok, just something stupid from another time. Try to have it banished. It is wrong to see the past if it is a past of intolerance and abuse.

Sky Gods are tactless boobs who nobody needs

Humans have found themselves victimized by the infantile presence of sky gods for far too long. The contempt that we at the Foundation have for these jokers is well deserved and a long time in the making. What is the use of a God who only cares about seeing an individual trying to inconspicuously relieve himself as is depicted here?

We at the Foundation only approve of gods without features or personalities since we have determined that personalities suck.

vacation over

I just realized that I lost a day. I was working on the board about magic paintings and I got transfixed. I have been in a very exotic and soothingly bizzare place for the past 18 hours but I am ready to get back to business.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Magic Paintings Lift You To Ecstatic Realms Of Consciousness

Kayak Tragedy Mars Foundation Anniversary

Daniel Pasch, sometimes known as Spiral Dan, has been killed in a freak explorer accident. While kayaking in Alaskan high seas, a large piece of the snowpack fissured, landing on his neck and kayak, breaking both. Seen here as most of us at the Foundation remember him, and in a more recent picture, Dan will be greatly missed as one of the first to become a fully integrated mass particle of Global Significance back at the first Foundation assemblages. We'll be looking for Dan in the next crops of young ones. We may just know that smile.

Sufi Jack is back with another pre assemblage cookout

Come hungry to Sufi Jack's back country residence and enjoy the vegan treats the day before the Anniversary to be held at the Lux, downtown, Aug. 15 2008. Sufi Jack is renowned for his barbecue bashes year round. This year he has booked a bluegrass band to play so that should stretch Sufi Jack's movement stylings a bit. Rides will be available from the hostel beginning at 3:30 pm. Come on out and have a big feed on Jack.

The Foundation Exemplifies Diversity

I always am taken aback when I consider the vastly different types of individuals who have coalesced to form the backbone of the Foundation. There is Sufi Jack to name one and Spiral Dan. Mickey Hart is a Rock and Roll Legend and Leonard Shlain is a Brain Surgeon. A real brain surgeon. That is like the smartest thing a person could be but he wasn't going to just stop there. He continued in his pursuit of knowledge and brought the gift of philosophy back to us. But we are a very different from one another group as you can see.

Foundation welcomes Budhists

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Humans Corrupt Everything

The X-mas season mailing needs fabrication

It is already time to start planning for the bulk mailing coming in November. We understand that most of the people who could assist in the fabrication of these mailings have things they like to do during the holidays, even sometimes the fellas at the hostel and residence go off at that time of year but we feel that since this year's mailing is so heavily concentrated on our religion that it should be associated with the religious season and we are planning ahead with our work details. Anyone with 4 to 8 hours to spare in the coming months should contact Neal.

An update on the Colonel's condition

Colonel Graypatch will probably not loose a leg as was thought a few posts back when I was beginning to loose it over the excessive demands on my time. I have consulted both the veterinarian and the shaman and it seems that I was wrong in putting splints on a cat. They were too tight and the loss of circulation was starting to get ugly. I have a lot of work to do so I have to get out of here. Later.

Foundation Plan To Reform the Cosmos: Women superior- Animals equal

The bedrock of all Foundation goals is to correct the Cosmos and put back women at the head of our human spheres or realms, these places of existence where we are most of the time. As Shlain has taught, women were originally the rulers of heaven and earth and life was sweet. The upstart males invented the wicked tool of oppression, language and overthrew the mute and lovely Goddess. Thereby making the universe kowtow to male cruelty and domination. This was wrong and it can be fixed. Our language less future lies just ahead. Animals and women will have complete and total freedom when the men accept their worthlessness and stop talking. Read Leaonard Shlain! He is a prophet!

Announcement of Foundation Hall site

I forgot that I can finally announce where the Anniversary Hall will be. Jonny Huval finally told us which of his properties would be available. It was between a warehouse that is in high demand, and old church that someone had a deposit ahead of ours, and the old theater downtown. We are going to have the honor of reopening the Lux since the fire that closed it in 1981. The repairs are nearly finished and it will definitely be a better deal than just some old conference suite at the Marriott. I have just been reading the book tonight. I had not planned to be but I just could not help it.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bjork Does Not Believe Shlain

I did not mean to create that suspense on purpose. I just was so upset that I forgot to put in my other post what she did that has caused all this pain. She was interviewed during the time when Slain's next book was already available, I think "Translucent Revolution," and she said "I was reading "The Alphabet versus the Goddess" while I recorded [a song] and, "you do not have to believe it all but it is interesting to think about."

I do not think selling all of her tapes and CD's is going to be enough. I have to let her know that this is not alright with us. She thinks Shlain is just writing silly stories to amuse her or something and she can believe whatever she wants out of them. How do we know if she believes any of it?

I do not see any part that could be changed where it would have the same meaning at all and I am getting really annoyed. I was sad and now I am really getting mad. I think I'll stick a good picture over this post. Loser nut with a radio.

I am terribly dissillusioned at this time

My world was turned upside down today when I was doing a bit of research for the tributes to Shlain and I stumbledupon an old interview with Bjork where she revealed a shocking side of herself. I am so distracted because I have been following her very closely as well as have many of the other guys and Madeline and now we can not see using her music any longer.

Buck Jones says Foundation teachings are Bullshit

In a phone call earlier today an irritated Buck jones refused to release vital information about his whereabouts and intentions to perform his vital tasks in preparation for our assemblages on Aug. 15 2008. He then stated in a severe tone "The Foundation teachings ain't nothing but a bunch of Bullshit." He then went on to add, "The Foundation can _____ my ______ ."
Buck, if you read this we want you to know that our ego responses are completely in control. There is no reason for you to become the first one to ever leave the unified mass and return to gray. Hell, this is uncharted territory we are talking about here and after becoming an incorporated part of the mass you might not even be able to get back to gray. Think about that.
We want you to know that your approval is still good and all you need to do is come back and start our monitoring services again and this will all be but a remembrance module for deletion.
We are not giving up on you Buck Jones!

News services are becoming burdensome

I hate complaining as much as I hate listening to it. But there has been a glut of news these past few days and I am not getting as much assistance as I could be. Most of you people are just making merry in anticipation of the Anniversary and leaving all the work for others. I can not just leave things alone! And people take advantage of that. I have a sick pet! I have things I would like to do for myself! I suppose you think I am just trying to upset someone for no good reason. I hear that a lot from some people. Graypatch could loose a leg! I am facing the definite possibility that my dear Colonel will be a cripple! For the next few days at least I will only be posting here if I absolutely feel it is necessary unless I get some help.

Mountain outreach faces budget cut

Although we remain committed to bringing the blessings of the Foundation's knowledge base to the despondent Mountain dwellers around the world our tri-annual budget adjustments for the next cycle will mean that we have a negative ballance for our Mountain Dweller Outreach program. We hiope that all parties privy to contacts in mountain society understand the delicacy of the situation and not be the bearers of bad news for our friends in the hills. There is a very good chance that we could weather this shortfall and resume the program with none being alarmed. Any contacts from mountain dwellers are to be refferred to myself or Neal until further notice.

Civilization's food services too much bother

For those fortunate enough to live in the coming post proto-Shlain induced Goddess world the hold of the Toffs will be broken and the food supply shall be released. Never again will a Toff be able to graze in the aisles of a Safeway dropping his detritus on the floor for some one else to pick up. We will no longer be controlled by threats of a return to human sacrifice as a deterrant for ending civililization.

Buck Jones still says Foundation Anniversary is number one priority

Buck dropped us a line and says "I ain't doing nothing but getting ready for the Anniversary." How he is doing that he declined to say. He just kind of danced around the questions but he assures that it is his "number one priority."

Be aware that Approval can be miss used

Toby thought he had the most approval anyone ever could have and went around putting in everybody's face until one day his approval just wasn't there anymore. Take a hard look at yourself. Do you act like Toby? Will your approval go away? Toby lost his approval because he forgot that Approval should be kept to oneself and not flaunted. We hope for a future where everyone uses their Approval in moderation and with care for all.

Leonard Shlain will be given an award

Monday, July 21, 2008

Looking ahead to 18

It is nice to relax and take my official goggles off and just shmooze for a bit. I have been talking to some Asians who think they could mutate fish to look like this for some upcoming expansion meetings in the future. It seems unlikely but Neal is thinking about a decal company who may have an alternative that won't cause a premature loss of fishness if you know what I mean. On the trouble front Graypatch sprained a couple legs and is thumping around on splints. Proves that Cats are not immune to the ways of karma either I suppose. I just had to share this clever little mock-up before I call it a day.

We are not waiting for civilization to end

By common decree it is hereby resolved that civilization must be ended beginning on this first month of the year of no more. Foundation members have read all the books and seen all the signs that we should ever need on the subject of how society has failed. It is only reasonable to begin an exodus before it ends without our guided hand. We are raising every child illiterate and instilling an instinct for warmth and protection using the discoveries and research of Leonard Shlain as a guide. We predict that we will have a completely independant proto-preciviliztion ready to accomodate all who would like our alternative lifestyle sometime in the next several decades. Applications will be available at the Nine year anniversary conferances on the fifteenth of August, 2008.

Animals will have citizen's rights

We at the Foundation would like to congratulate Spain for showing the rest of us where to go with our crisis of animal alienation on our world. At least now people will see what it is really like to share civil rights with another species and then they will have nothing to support their selfish stupid bigotry. Bless the Spanish government for opening the door to our future. I am drained. I think I'll go over to Starbuck's now. Keep showing the way blessed Spain!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

This is success

Madeline is starring on a set of placard boards this session which demonstrate the central elements which must be controlled to make a productive go of the Foundation methodology. This one has her using the trionic embryo to generate a manifest thought cloud with mass and conduct. The rest of the series is even more detailed and astonishment creative. Thanks to Neal for finding the artisan who fashioned the trionic embryo. It is hard to believe that a lay person without first hand experience could have captured it in such completeness from only a verbal content impartment. The manifest cloud is an actual photograph of Madeline's first solid thought.

I remain hopefull that we can premeire our Mall and Public spaces outreach at the Anniversary

The sketches are all on file and the only thing left is a full dress rehearsal with the mannequins. That should only take a few hours once the commodities have been obtained provided that all the necessary staffing can be arranged given the schedule we are stuck with. Neal's negotiating skills have been stretched to the limit over this seemingly small detail. I hesitate to suggest that we consider changing these arrangements since it could be sticky I am told. I have a great deal of hope that the premiere will come off and so I am letting the release proceed here. The Mannequins!

Try to remember the good things that came out of it

Transitioning completely through gray to cognizant central mass takes dedication

More boards are coming in by the hour. The boards are going to be a vast improvement over the slide and light show of the previous three year sessions. The overnight camp-out was pretty magnificent but operating all that equipment nearly cost quite a few of us our sight and that was a bit hard to take. I am not complaining, anything worth doing requires sacrifice. The beauty and simplicity of these humble placards speaks to a "new" discovery. No retinas burnt on these. The phone is ringing. I think I'll put up a picture of the second camp out.

I think the Colonel will make it

After the first 34 hours I noticed those twitches and other abberrant things still plaguing the errant Colonel Graypatch and decided that this was too serious a situation to leave to a Western minded veterinarian alone. I had the Colonel treated by a holistic shaman who also takes care of livestock at a reduced rate. The bag of compote that he wears around his neck is something that burns my eyes and nose when I come in contact with it but since he has had it the Colonel has been in a frantic state of continuous activity, which under the circumstances I feel is only for the better.
I had a mean and wicked thought about the next display I place in my home when I found this picture while looking for a tank on Craig's list.

There will not always be a Remittance

Time for a nostalgiac look backwards

Unfortunately there will be no bags of approval at this year's conferences. The cost just proved too great and they have been relegated to the spheres of remembrance. I thought some of you might like to see the bag one more time before new memories of the 9 year Anniversary fill your frames of reference.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

There Shall Be Drums

I am writing this in baby Krishna blue in honor of Neal pulling it off and getting Mickey Hart to come back and lead a drum circle as he did at the inaugural for the Anniversary. Neal says Mickey practically fell over on this last conversation working out some of his concepts for a groundbreaking re-invisionment of drum circling rituals. I won't be able to partake of the drumming but I will always have the recordings and some may be exerpted and available at a later date and filming is always welcomed and encouraged by all.

They said it couldn't be done

The Grand Scheme In Diagrapic Model

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The graphics are nearly ready for the presentation

I think this year's graphic displays are really apropos. We have put a lot into the budget for display posters that should be clearly visible from the furthest seat in our Hall. I have one board for preview available here on the site.

Some of the subjects for consideration will have full coverage on a series of boards that will run the length of the staging area. I know the states of the leadership series will be well appreciated. This year we pay homage to predecessors who have laid our "foundation.' The poster placards are available for purchase 24 hours after the Anniversary assembly. Contact the media director through myself or Neal.

Anniversary pressure causing glitches and strain

I know I should be able to just toss these items in the rubbish that run afoul but the strain I feel at the thought is to great at this time. The Colonel has been twitching and giving odd starts since the problems of the other night and even though the veterinarian says that he is most likely through the period where any toxins from his unscheduled meals could injure him I do not think he is the same.

At least tonight I will have a long lie down before the next stage of the Anniversary pre-scheduling assemblages are to begin. My room is almost the total immersion isolation center I have been envisioning. Kind of like an old fasioned isolation tank with a bed. This day should be short from here out. The letter is in it's place and I suppose I can put my worries about Graypatch aside for awhile. I think I will stop writing before I say something out of place, my problems do not need to be everyone's concern.

I would like to apologize for the shoddy production of the Letter of Approval

After completing the long process of creating the Letter of Approval facsimile that was my responsibility, I see now that there were several blemishes in the way of misspellings and typos. I would like to assure everyone that this in no way invalidates this version of the letter.

Alternative Location For Letter Of Approval

Friday, July 18, 2008

This is really getting serious. I have eliminated the email where the contamination came through and have have given myself several scans for more vulnerabilities. This is not the first time that our efforts have been 'interfered with' and I know where it has arose in the past. Be...Warned!!!. You are not welcome in any of the Foundation's varied projects and we will be watching for your invasions.

With that out of the way I can resume the regular order of affairs.

The hall where we will be holding our 9 year anniversary has been selected and after a few more arrangements should be finalized. Any one who has been solicited and has a letter of approval will not be required to post a donation at the conference. I hope this is clear. The letter can be in the form of a download at our headquarters or the one you received via our door to door couriers or the mailings from September. We are all very enthused about the prospects outlined in the Quadra-lineal report and welcome any and all amendments to the original proposal. More news as it becomes available.

The foundation will be 9 years in the making come Aug 15

We are ready to begin filling in the gaps in the grand scheme at the Foundation under the new charter as has been universally observed by all in attendance on the fifteenth of August Nineteen ninety nine.

It is still such an incredible thing to be attached to these plans made by such noble examples of the stuff we should want.

By this time in 2017 we should be represented on another continent and have vastly increased our influence on issues of Global significance. I may no longer be a chairperson only time can say, but the Foundation will last now of that I am sure. I need to go take care of some things. The next two years should be interesting.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Colonel Graypatch has been making ickies most of the afternoon

Let me start by making a strong disclamation point that the thing I have put below this entry was sent to my email and I have been thinking about who could have thought I would want such a thing since I found it. Making fun of abuse like this beastly person must is just as bad if not more so than abuse. I do not know anyone who would find this thing funny, at least not anymore. But I need to update the Colonel's status-the vetrinarian gave him something that has made him nauseate all afternoon. It has been very sad to have some of the still discernable bits laid out for my view but I believe he is nearly done and he still has lots of the old Graypatch spirit so I have much hope. My chamomile is callin.' I think I will be sweeping sand for the next six months. I picked up new book at Borders I think I'll go take a look through.

I Think This Is Weird

A chapter ends in solemnity

Through a fitful night, devestation in the guise of a addled out of control beast was visited on the contents of my desert view terrarium.
It is a scene of devastated horror as the sand was tossed and the fauna consumed.
Colonel Graypatch is as nonchalant as ever, however, as though it were just another day in his life.
At least so far the items he consumed appear to be digesting. I have been researching his menu and a few of the entrees were mildly venomous so I may be taking the Colonel down to his clinic later for a look.

My sorrow is small but thoroughly felt. I'll be refilling a relocating the next scene, and of course making the security tougher for the oppressive Colonel to deal with.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Possibly A New Root Idea For My Exploring

So often I will be in the midst of so much confusion and panic that I wonder how I am ever able to keep my head on straight. Turmoil has become the ever present shadow on my horizon. This is just a meditation on the moments between perils when the warbling, transcendant, spirits of a cooler, and more welcoming world are in my thoughts.